How Direct To Garment Printing Works

Direct-to-garment printing is a direct clothing printing service that originated from the state of Florida in 1995. Since then, it has become one of the world’s most affordable and most popular direct clothing printing services. This service produces high quality direct to garment items such as t-shirts, tank tops, hats, shorts, jeans, and polos.

The cost-effectiveness of direct-to-garment printing is unmatched by any other method of clothing printing. Because the system eliminates the need for screen printing, the final products have a much tighter print quality and are more durable and long lasting. When compared to the other methods of clothing printing, direct-to-garment printing is able to provide customers with a higher return on investment. The speed of printing also adds to the cost-effectiveness of the service.

Because the system uses paper that contains colored inks, there is a greater degree of control over the final design. The ability to use special inks for certain prints or to apply multiple colors makes direct-to-garment printing a highly versatile method for high quality clothing printing. By offering a higher print quality and greater control, customers can have clothing items produced in a shorter amount of time than with screen printing. Screen printing requires that garments be dry-cleaned after being printed. However, without the aid of heat-transfer paper, screen printing is unable to reproduce prints that are made using special inks.

For small quantities, direct-to-garment printing is also very cost effective. Unlike screen printing, the printer does not have to heat the materials used to print the clothes. The system only needs to heat the garment and apply the printing material. In most cases, a small, one-time investment is all that is required to obtain clothing items that are of good quality and of a professional level of print.

When it comes to high quality clothing, direct-to-garment printing can offer numerous benefits. With the help of the system, customers can have clothes produced in a short period of time and at an affordable cost. By offering a higher print quality, this type of clothing printing can also provide durability to the item. The material used to print clothes is more durable when the garments are printed directly on the garment itself. The ability to print precise, solid images and detailed designs makes this type of printing very useful for high quality clothes.

In addition to high quality clothes, direct-to-garment printing can offer many other benefits. Items can be quickly and easily personalized by having items such as names and initials printed on clothes. Another popular advantage is the ability to add personal messages to the garment. By using this type of system, clothing manufacturers can create customized apparel items to meet the needs of their customers. Clothes created with this system can often be sold at a discount since they are of a much lower quality when compared to items made from other methods of clothing production.