Clothing printing technique depends on the possibilities.

To start clothing printing, you need visual and printed materials. Maybe you feel some pressure or pain from a blank page? There are always concerns before printing. Everything that was perfect in your imagination will go through the harsh realm of reality. By making screen printing shirts, you can develop your ideas. One draw will lead you to another and so on. You will be inspired by what you do. Amid the difficulties of awareness, your practice will be able to develop. You start, and you cannot do things perfectly and have the most suitable pattern. You must do this first draw to understand how the technique works. Take advantage of this new experience to open other creative doors. These features are open to you. Leave the chance for your impressions to surprise you during shirt screen printing.

There are different ways to find what you are looking for, and this is not always the most direct way. Maybe you’ve already heard of a fluke. According to him, this is “the art of paying attention to what is surprising and coming up with an appropriate interpretation.” Thanks to this happy accident, many scientific inventions appeared: post-it, microwave, penicillin, teflon, aspartame or tatin tart! It is the art of finding something else besides what you are looking for. He must be attentive to chance and to what he can create in a timely manner.

All this is a matter of logic. When you want to draw, you have to have common sense. Yes, but what is “common sense”? I will develop. Common sense is to first get the technique. It is you who must adapt to this, and not vice versa. Most often, my customers want to do silk screen printing in accordance with their design. This is aberration. Few people do a pattern for screen printing. You do not see the difference? Nevertheless, this is important, and it is with this understanding that your rally will be truly successful. Since the industrial era and the invention of internal combustion engines, humans have dominated nature through technology. Making him equal to God.

Now we know that this is an illusion and short-term logic. Industrialization and mass consumption are destroying our natural resources. We cannot continue along this path, and we must break this deadlock. New manufacturing solutions already exist, such as biomimicry. This is an innovative process that seeks design examples in nature. This is a fundamental change in us. We understand that we cannot rule at the top of the food chain without exchange and that we must look at nature with great respect. According to him, “this time we will not come to nature lessons, which seeks to circumvent or control it, but to nature lessons, to integrate us, finally, forever, to life on this Earth, where we come from.” I believe that diy screen printing and other printing methods are always appreciated, because they allow us to modestly access the secrets of matter and nature, while remaining on a human scale. Common sense does not want to force technology. It must be recognized that his idea of leaving is not necessarily adapted, and that the drawing must be changed so that the drawing is optimized using technology, and not by forcing her to fulfill our idea.

That is, decompose the image into small dots, less and less, to create the illusion of a gradient. An image that is not very readable will be even smaller if designed. Secondly, you should ask what support you will print, because it is in accordance with your media that you will choose the frame size of your image.

The smoother your clothing printing, the more your image can have a high frame and preserve details. To better understand, you cannot make small parts on fabrics such as flax or burlap, because the weft of the fabric is too coarse. Thus, you do not need to choose the fineness of your image, it is the choice of support that predetermines it. In addition, the screen (the frame that serves as the stencil) that you select will also have a fabric with a frame size determined by the size of the image frame to allow more or less ink. You see here that there is logic. There is a correspondence between the environment, technology and pattern. This order is guided by both material and technical limits.