This website is NOT meant to "take your order". There can be so many variables in this process we would rather give you personal attention, with a real live human. Some of the things that affect a T shirt price are quantity ordered, color of shirt, weight of garment, number of colors in design, number of placements on garment, etc. You get the idea.

Ordering and Submitting art

Go ahead and contact us now to get the process started!

Screen Printing

The largest screen printing facility in New England. We operate 5 automatic presses, two manuals along with direct print numbering.

Digital Printing

Direct to Garment Ink Jet Digital Printing is a fantastic and cost effective way to offer our clients an alternative to conventional screen-printing.

Graphic Design

We have 2 full time graphic artists that can guide you through your project or reproduce, exactly an existing design of your choice. We also can create a logo or graphic for your company at a competitive fee.